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v2.0.0 - November 26, 2023

Summary: Features and Fixes

Fixed PHP warning if migrating from other EP theme.

Fixed AMP pagination issue.

Fixed Incorrect date for next/prev articles on Single Post.

Fixed Minor translation text for reading time.

Fixed Incorrect alignment for TikTok social profile.

Fixed Duplicated Page Sidebar on tablet devices.

Fixed Home Builder do not appear when changing "Home" template, only appears when the page is already created.

Fixed Syntax Highlighter do not work properly on Fluid ADS widget.

Fixed Custom Typography for Sidebar titles not applied properly.

Fixed Incorrect alignment for mobile sidebar.

Fixed Header Shadow issue when using soft-shadow mode for classic/advertising headers.

Fixed MutationObserver warning from Google Insights.

Fixed CLS warning from Google Insights.

Improved Multiple Accesibility and Best practices from Google Insights tests.

Improved Now optimized Avatar will be displayed globally (comments, widgets, etc).

Improved Header search icon hover.

Improved Theme Options Sidebar section, now it is more clear how to use mobile sidebars.

Improved Updated Theme Options framework for WP 6.4.

Improved Now primary category will be displayed on next/prev articles on Single Post.

Added NEW! WooCommerce compatibility up to 8.2.2

Added Compatibility up to WP 6.4

Added German translation.

v1.1.0 - July 12, 2023

Summary: Fixes and Improvements

Fixed Related Articles link issue.

Fixed Subscribe button on header not pointing properly.

Fixed Theme Options not loaded properly on specific server configurations.

Fixed Some Warnings from PHP 8.2.x

Fixed Incorrect Shadow on Sticky header, when "Soft Shadow" mode is selected.

Fixed Incorrect layout for Siblings Articles on mobile devices.

Fixed Incorrect Alignment for Related Articles when some titles are longer as expected.

Improved Some elements borders when "Soft shadow" mode is selected.

Improved Tested up to PHP 8.2.4

Added Turkish Translation, special thanks to Mevlüt Yaşar.

Added An optional Subscribe URL specifically for Header Button.

Added New option to upload custom Body Decorations on Theme Options -> Styling -> Main Style.

v1.0.0 - January 16, 2023

Summary: Initial Release

  • Initial Release